Sunday, February 24, 2008

All Ruffled Up

This spring is all about being girly, which means it is time for females everywhere to celebrate their femininity. This applies to fashion as well, so enjoy being a girl, with styles such as floral prints, lace, bows, rosette, pastels, and the main focus of this post, ruffles and frills. I searched online and found some beautiful clothing and accessories with ruffles that I think you will appreciate too.

Swiss Dot Trapeze Top, $32.50, available in sizes small-xlarge,

Canvas Peeptoe Wedges, $24.99, shown in green; also available in black, white, and yellow, sizes 6-10,

Ruffle Dress, $29.99, available in sizes S-L,

Ruffle Racerback Top, $18.99, available in sizes S-L,

Emma Ruffle Top, $9.99, available in sizes extra small-extra large,

Keds Quad Slip-on, $19.99, shown in black; also available in red, sizes 6-11 (red not available in 11),

Piper Ruffle Bag, $12.99, shown in silver; also available in black and lavender,

Sophia Cami, $19.50, available in sizes extra small-extra large,

Gathered Woven Blouse, $19,80, shown in light pink; also available in cream, sizes Small-Large,

Lurex Pointelle Scarf, $9.99,

Quilted Vest, $29.80, available in sizes Small-Large,

Ruffled Blouse, $22.00, shown in taupe; also available in grey, sizes Small-Large (taupe not available in small),

Ruffle Halter Dress, $22.80, available in sizes Small-Large,

Satin Ruffle Peep-Toe Eternity, $19.49, available in sizes 5.5, 6.5, 7, and 7.5,

Two Piece Ruffle Platform in Black, $28.00, available in sizes 5.5-10,

Two Piece Ruffle Platform in White, $28.00, available in sizes 5.5-10,

2 Pocket Ruffle Skirt, $19.50, available in sizes SX, S, and L,

All Over Ruffle Dress, $29.50, available in sizes S and M,

Open Toe Satin Ruffle Heel, $26.50, shown in brown; also available in champagne, crimson, and purple, sizes 6-8.5,

Poplin Ruffle Trim Top, $22.50, shown in kelly; also available in white, sizes XS-XL (XL only available in white.),

Ruffle Collar Poplin Jacket, $24.50, available in sizes XS-L,

Ruffle Trim Dress, $25.50, available in sizes S and M,

If you find any more items with ruffles or frills, please let me know. You can also inform me if you find any of the other feminine styles I listed above such as floral prints, lace ect. Just email me at or send a message on myspace. Remember, this season is about embracing your femininity, not hiding it. So stand up and be proud to be female!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sparkle & Shine

It's time for all fashionistas to rise and shine, because shine is in right now. Whether it be satin, sateen, charmeuse, patent leather, glitter or sparkles; shine is now everywhere. Like neon and bright colored jeans, shine is also the perfect way to help you get noticed and stand out in a crowd; and since fashion is all about taking risks, this is your time to shine! Here are some shiny clothes and accesories that will help you achieve this:

Aerie Shine Cami, $9.95, shown in Ice Blue; also available in Midnight Burgandy, Ice Blue is available is size X-Small-Medium and Midnight Burgandy is only available in size Large,

Aerie Shiny Ballet Flat, $34.50, available in sizes 6-10,

Metallic Dress, $26.99, available in sizes M and L,

Metallic Pump in Gold, $22.99, available in sizes 6-9,

Metallic Pump in Pewter, $22.99, available in sizes 7-9,

Metallic Strappy Slingbacks, $24.99, shown in pink; also available in aqua and royal, sizes 6-10 (royal not avilable in 10),

Mirror Bangle, $4.00,

Teardrop Cluster Earrings, $4.00,

Red Dangle Earrings, $6.50,

Silver Gem Ring, $7.50,

Silver Wallet, $10.00,

Knit Waist Skirt w/ Pleated Chiffon Hem, $39.00, available in sizes Small and Medium,

Shine V Cap Sleeve, $12.99, available in sizes s-l,

Zinc Metallic Swing Coat in Gold, $23.90, available in sizes small-large,

Zinc Metallic Swing Coat in White, $23.90, available in sizes small-large,

Basic Boot, $29.50, available in sizes 6.5-9,

Covered Button Bootie, $26.50, shown in cognac; also available in ivory, sizes 6, 7, 7.5, 8, and 8.5 (cognac only available in 8),

Glitter Diamond Bangle, $3.99, shown in royal; also available in silver,

Glitter Dot Bangle, $3.99, shown in magenta; also available in black,

Button Front Ribbed Jacket, $32.50, shown in white; also available in pink and grey, sizes S-XL,

Woven Bubble Hem Dress, $24.50, available in sizes XS-L,

If you find any more shiny or sparkly clothing or accessories and would like to see them on this blog, please let me know. E-mail me at or send me a message via myspace. Have fun shopping and shine on!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Graffiti Art

Do you like graffiti, but don't want to risk getting arrested for vandalism? Well then have no fear! You don't have to deface public property to look cool. You can wear the writings on the wall on your clothes or accessories instead. Take a look at some of these items posted below to find out how.

Crown Graffiti Tee, $12.99, available in sizes S and L,

Graffiti Print Purse, $14.99, shown in black combo; also available in gray combo,

Graffiti Tank, $17.99, available in sizes S-L,

Graffiti Hat, $12.00,

Skull Punk Coin Purse, $2.50,

Barbie Patricia Field Graffiti Tote, $24.00,

Doe Barbie Patricia Field Graffiti Tee, $22.00, available in sizes s-xl; also available in xxl for $24.00, hottopic.comChelsea Graffiti Shoe in black, $56.00, available in sizes 6.5-10,

Chelsea Graffiti Shoe in white, $56.00, available in sizes 7.5, 8.5, and 9,

Mary Ann Graffiti Shoe, $34.00, available in sizes 7-9,

Pure Graffiti Shoe, $60.00, available in sizes 6-10,

Women's Xhilaration Suzi Mary Janes, $14.99, available in sizes 5 M-11 M,

Find any graffiti fashion art that I didn't put up here? Email me at or message me on myspace to let me know. Thank you for reading and enjoy!